Welcome Croatia


Welcome Croatia is a festival of events in the UK celebrating Croatia’s entry into the European Union.

The festival will consist of a series of high profile events in the first half of 2013, ending with the Croatian National Day celebrations at the end of June and EU membership on July 1.

Welcome Croatia will be of interest to people in the UK who are curious about Croatia and have an interest in the wider world, to young people, people interested in doing business with Croatia and those whose interest in Croatia has been aroused through tourism.

Welcome Croatia will also provide an opportunity for Croats living in the UK to celebrate Croatia’s membership of the EU.

Welcome Croatia will cover a variety of areas within the broad understanding of culture including film, visual arts, sport, food and wine, theatre, photography, music, archaeology and history, and will be delivered through exhibitions, talks, seminars and competitions.

Sir John Ramsden chairs a festival committee that has responsibility for ensuring the coherence and quality of the festival. Welcome Croatia events are organised and run by the British-Croatian Society in association with the British Croatian Chamber of Commerce, the Croatian Embassy, the Croatian National Tourist Office, the Croatian Students and Young Professionals Network (CSYPN), the International Trust for Croatian Monuments and the United Kingdom Association of Alumni and Friends of Croatian Universities (AMAC-UK)


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